Oslo Kommune

The City of Oslo (Oslo Kommune) is the largest city in Norway. It has about 625.000 inhabitants, 15 Districts, and employs approximately 45.000 people. A major part of its activity is focused on health and social services, including community health, health services for the elderly, social care, and services for the disabled. Among 65+ inhabitants, 7.8% of those aged 65-80 and 34.7% of those 80+ receive home care of some kind, and approximately 33% of those 65+ receives practical help benefits from their city district (data from 2011). The Health Agency of the City of Oslo will collaborate with the University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo) to carry out one case study. Efforts to strengthen interdisciplinary care, communication and coordination is one of the strategies to meet future service requirements. Building on collaborative arrangements, this project will strengthen efforts to develop services to the homebound care recipients, and specifically involve informal caregivers in collaboration with Kirkens Bymisjons “pårørendeskolen”.

For more information visit the website: www.oslo.kommune.no/helse-og-omsorg.

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