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Maggioli is the leading Italian company that offers a broad range of specific, highly professional solutions, that improves the managerial effectiveness and efficiency of the local Public Administrations and related professions. Today, Maggioli is present all over Italy with a highly qualified assistance and consulting network, consequence of over 4.000 installations. The Group is divided in five business units: (i) Document Management, (ii) Publishing & Conventions, (iii) Training & Consulting, (iv) Tax and Revenue Management, and (vi) Information Technology (IT). The “IT pole Maggioli”, born from the integration of the experiences of “Maggioli Informatica” and other important software houses acquired in the last years (such as: Cedaf, Studio K, Eldasoft, Asitech, and Saga) is the most qualified Italian company in ICT solutions and services for the local Public sector.

The Cedaf Division, in particular, is engaged in R&D activities and technologically advanced projects, especially in the e-Health domain, where provides ICT solutions for social and health services management. One of the most important projects was the “I-Care” project, which focused on the implementation and testing of a new ICT system designed to provide on-line access to health and social services, with a special regard to the service of providing care (medical or otherwise) at home to elderly people. The evolution of I-Care prototype gave rise to ICARO, a complete and up-to-date software product already adopted by several Italian municipalities and health-care agencies (Parma, Pavia, Cagliari, Forlì, Teramo, Alghero, Rimini, etc.). ICARO is intrinsically oriented to the integration with other systems, in line with the modern principles of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). This guidance has been realized by adopting specific architectural choices standards: clear separation of the business logic from the presentation layer, system integration via web services, use of HL7 standard, etc. The Cedaf Division has recently successfully concluded the implementation of the SOCIABLE project, which introduces a radically new approach for ICT assisted cognitive training and social activation for a wide range of senior citizens including cognitive intact elderly, older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment, as well as patients suffering from mild Alzheimer’s disease.

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