The Regional Inter-Municipal Cooperation (Kommunesamarbeidet i Vestfold) is a consortium of 14 municipalities in the county of Vestfold and includes: Andebu, Hof, Holmestrand, Horten, Nøtterøy, Re, Tjøme Tønsberg, Stokke, Lardal, Larvik and Sandefjord, Sande and Svelvik. KiV’s mission is to develop services, coordinate municipal planning, land use and industrial policy, and be spokesmen for common, local interests. Previous projects of particular interest to CarerSupport, include broadband digital infrastructure, comprehensive web-services, a shared community “toolbox” with common templates and some training programs, as well as systematized interaction with specialized health services for continuity and cooperation across levels of care.

KiV has several professional network committed to learning best practices, professional development and common solutions, and used a service to support home dwelling care recipients with ample assistance needs through social and digital networks ( The proposed project adds to KiV’s portfolio of activities, and specifically this project’s explicit focus to provide tools for a blended learning environment to alleviate family members and informal caregiver burden adds to our on-going efforts.

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